Recently Sold

Welcome to Deer Horn Aviation Ltd. Co. 

A company comprised of five divisions with one goal in 

mind “Customer Satisfaction”.

Here is a look at our recent transactions.

1988 Gulfstream IV/SP
SN: 1075

1987 Gulfstream IV/SP
SN: 1021

2002 Cessna Citation Encore
SN: 560-0611

1993 Cessna Citation V
SN: 560-0215

1980 Cessna Citation II.SP.

1990 Cessna Citation II
SN: 550-0664

1982 Cessna Citation II
SN: 550-0445

1981 Cessna Citation II
SN: 550-0298

2000 Beechcraft King Air B300
SN: BB-1708

1998 Beechcraft King Air B200
SN: FL-212

1979 Beechcraft 58P Baron
SN: TJ-190